New Website!

Dear Reader, thank you so much for reading this. I have migrated my personal website to the free domain I plan to create a Substack newsletter channel which will focus on my opinions and thoughts on peace, liberty, and unfettered free-markets. An attempt at a subtitle would encompass my ideas: “Free Markets, Anti-politics, andContinue reading “New Website!”

Why Critics of Profit-Driven Private Charity are Wrong

No good deed goes unpunished claims the old proverb, and twenty-four-year-old YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson’s recent charity act of helping one thousand blind people see again has the world divided on the moral circumstances surrounding his private charity. Some would go so far as calling his benevolence a “stunt.” They are utterly wrong, and understanding hisContinue reading “Why Critics of Profit-Driven Private Charity are Wrong”

Putting the “inter” in the job interview

The dreaded job interview is a mandatory process for basically every job filling. Whether you apply for your first job, or you have 20+ years’ experience in your field, your potential employer will naturally want to get more acquainted to you and your personality, technical abilities or problem-solving skills, to mention a few. If youContinue reading Putting the “inter” in the job interview

How to get your first 25 followers on Twitter

Twitter is a great platform for staying in touch with the latest on your fields of interest, by following people and diverse media word-spreaders. It is also a great tool for promoting and sharing your own work with others – mainly, your followers. In order to gain the most from Twitter, you get to chooseContinue reading “How to get your first 25 followers on Twitter”